Music of the Heart

There are thousands of new and old tunes that you can listen to. It is a way to improve your life. What’s ironic is that few great musicians can sing well. Oh, of course you can name a hundred, but the Andres Segovia Torres hardly spoke a word much less sung. It is very interesting when you understand the keen ear of a musician verses that of a singer. The notes they hear can be very different. The bass guitarist hears the bass notes above all others while the lead guitar hears the lyrics or the melody notes. The highest pitch. The point being is that some of the most interesting and memorable pieces are remembered not by the lead guitar notes but more by the bass guitar notes. As you listen to your favorite songs what sticks in your mind the most. The drumbeat, the sound of the bass or the lyrics of the song? For me it’s the lyrics as I love to sing. I am not a singer, but I remember the songs more by the words than the notes that make up the song. Moreso I am drawn to music that is uplifting and lively rather than sad and lonesome. The music of the Hispanic Culture runs parallel with happiness and good times although there are many sad songs produced. Love songs tend to be uplifting and positive rather than negative. Take time to listen to see what you hear and how it makes you feel. If it is Latin music, I dare say it will make you happy. Selena – Como La Flor (Live From Astrodome) – YouTube

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