Hispanic Heritage Month

What Makes You identify as Hispanic?

Hispanic according to Google are people related to Spain or Spanish speaking countries, especially those of Latin America. It also groups together all Hispanics. Bottom line if you are of the linage of a Latin country based culture you would be Hispanic.

In an article in the Orlando Sentinel written by Ingrid Cotto 10/28/2020 at 9:40AM “The Hispanic and Latino community in the United Sates continues to grow becoming an emerging majority. According to the Pew Research Center by 2055 the United States ‘will not have a racial or ethnic majority group’ so the Census Bureau expects the country to have more people of color than white.” It is said “that it is important to emphasize the cultural and demographic differences that make up this emerging majority and not try to pigeonhole them all under one.” The argument as to what is the proper definition for Hispanics is will divide and create animosity toward each other in my eyes, if we don’t accept the umbrella term of Hispanic. Chicano’s are US citizens born in the USA with Hispanic roots and consider themselves a class of their own, but in these times of such disagreement and division it may be best for all Hispanic cultures to unite around the term Hispanic and celebrate “Hispanic Heritage Month” irregardless of how you want to be identified. Where Latino, Chicano, Hispanic has been socially accepted over the years the Latinx community has it own definition and that has to be OK. Why, do you ask? To minimize further division or friction in our culture. If Hispanic is defined as someone the whose tree trunk originals in Spain and speaks Spanish then where does that leave the Brazilians who identify as Hispanic but speak Portuguese. There is plenty to think about and disagree about but the strength of the people that identify with Latin based countries, like Spain or most South American Countries need to take this time to celebrate the history of our culture and appreciate the deep rooted connections we share as people of color. If “Whites” are Whites and “Blacks” are Black then we can relate to the color brown with good reason. However I am going to suggest that there are, percentage wise, as many whites, browns and black skinned people that Identify as Hispanic.

Over the years mixed marriages or relationships have been frowned upon, but not so today. The focus is on same sex marriage. Over 70 years I have been on this earth I have seen girls act and dress like boys and boys act and dress like girls. Those actions have not been sociably acceptable, but have less push back today because 50 years from now who knows? The stigma may be totally gone. The danger in all those deferrances are the divisions. When one culture wants to erase another or one religion is wanting to eradicate another than we will live in fear and stress which does not gravitate to compromise. Being on the brink of one culture wanting to eradicate an other so badly that the use of nuclear weapons or chemical weapons is the only remaining option than please know, it will happen.

So as we celebrate “Hispanic Heritage Month” it is crucial that those of us the identify as Hispanics can not allow any other group of people, who don’t identify as Hispanics to try and eradicate any of our body parts. The deep rooted ideology of the Hispanic community lends toward love and piece so we are the best choice to have as the majority in a democratic society and may be why the war mongers want to destroy us or divide us. Help the base stay strong. Hire a Hispanic and help him/her gain the lead. As a God fearing culture we much trust God’s example and fight for peace always giving God the glory for our victories. In Christs name.

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