It Is Hispanic Heritage Month

To my Hispanic friends, there is an overwhelming disdain for the those seeking refuse in the US. It is understandable that with the population approaching 400 million that the growing number will use up resources and some things will be in short supply. I have no idea how China and India with 1.4 billion people do it to keep their people fed. The life expectancy is approximately 78 years old in China and India around 70. The US average is 79 and Japan 84. Look at poverty in the those countries. China is at 8.5%, India is at 11.6% and the US average poverty rate is 10.5%. If and when the population of the US reaches 400 million (currently 330 million approx.) I don’t see any differences or the need for public support increasing. There are so many variables that I wont try to dispute them but using supply and demand theory all variables will adjust. I believe the world population will as well. Currently we are seeing folks running away from Autocratic or Dictator managed countries. A high percentage would like to see the US under a different management style. My message is this: there is a religion or several religions that believe only a selected few which will gain immortality or power and the rest will be subservient. Currently we are at a place where those that have seen themselves as part of 144,000 do not want anything to do with having more subservience join our population. As the Irish faced discrimination in the US as they arrived from bitter British rule and the historical potato famine that drove them to the US, so too are the Hispanics of Mexico, Central and South America. They too will soon be our defenders of democracy as are the Irish. Be easy on immigrants as they will be the ones who will “Keep Our Country Great.”

Anyone against democracy is a fool and only when the subservient have the number of votes to elect representatives that will be on our side and give us equity our politicians take orders from the rich who will beat us down and attempt to suppress us. Bet on it! They only have so many votes and can’t win with those. See what happened in 2020. They are trying to change the laws to keep that from happening again. Redistricting, voter registration rules change. I know you see it and we must keep the population of the subservience growing so we can vote to demand sharing of the wealth we helped create. In a recent example a Bar B Que restaurant chain was caught holding back gratuity to the servers to whom it was given. Thousands of dollars will finally be given to those whom you expected would benefit from your tips. Management sets prices for their benefit and yet they still try to steal from the worker, shame. Let stop this. We can not support a party who will not allow you to nurse from the breast of the filthy rich. The rich only offer so many teats. The conservative right get the most productive nipples.

This has been an opinion post and might not represent the umbrella address but hopefully follows the overall message of the video.

Bob Flores Member LULAC Council #11085

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