Success, what is it?

I sense that all of us want to be considered tp be a good human being or maybe a great one. Our “ROOTS” are essential to our self-image so to that point it is important to know where we came from. Depending on how far back you want to go we can all concede that we came to being from more than one source. The diversity is incredible as is all the different species of insects or animals. I have been picking up on the culture clashes in the United States and it is clear, to some, to be a member of one culture gives you privilege than being that of another culture. That is not only hyperbole but dangerous. In the near past, let’s say 300 years, each culture has had its icons. To suggest that only one culture has dominated the world and brought more value, to our current existence, than another is a debate that will never end. There are millions of individuals who have brought significant contributions and hundreds of cultures. The “League of United Latin American Citizens” is an association of several cultures, but each culture can be or is rooted in Latin countries. LULAC was founded by Latin Americans, predominately Mexican, in Southeastern Texas (1929). These were WW I veterans who came back from fighting for their country only to face fierce discrimination. As many cultures can proclaim these founders were being decimated against, such-so, that many were wrongly accused, jailed, beat or killed for who they were and where they were. Thier culture, name or color of their skin marked them. That can be said of the _________ (fill in the blank) culture. I am very proud of who I am, my culture, my roots, my current status. I can be brought arms when I am discriminated against by anyone for any reason.

There was a time when cultures could be made fun of because of their stereotypical footprint. “Lazy” was one stereotype. We could tease each other. But we are at a point where discrimination has gotten out of control. The stereotypical view of a culture may have exacerbated to be true and real but must not be attached to all members of that culture. Define “Defiant” and pick the culture you think best describes them. Yes, it applies but does not hold true to all of those in that culture.

This website is dedicated to make you aware that there are hundreds of LULAC Councils across the country and some around the world. Our council is focused on the Kansas City Metro to fulfill the mission established in 1929. We must stop any sign of discrimination and specifically discrimination toward the Latin American culture in our area. However, it is the mission of our Lulac Council #11085 to also raise the level of attention to the icons of our culture locally, to support the growth of education for our children and to provide counselling, mentoring or financial support, via LNESC, to anyone that needs support to further their education. The Latino Community is contributing tremendously to Kansas City and the sounding area. Our council is proud to help in any way to perpetuate these contributions. Please use our application page to submit your request to join us and e-mail to

In closing and as a testimony of one individual who not only impacted his native country of Mexico but impacted the film industry of the United States. He will forever be known to us as Cantinflas, but he was a very real and influential ICON to our culture. This is one huge example of success.

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