Labor Day 2023

Words to live by for sure. I hope you are able to call up and listen to this link and the message enclosed. It may not pertain to you, but hopefully it will impact you. There is an attitude that has been building in this country that most hardworking and loving people may not be aware of. This attitude is part of a long-term brain washing attempt to divide us, into a subset. One that questions your patriotism by the color of your skin, by the type of life you live or the religion you support. If you have decided to follow a particular religion, you may be the target of the greatest discrimination and hate wished upon anyone. The same holds true for the lifestyle you choose. I know one person that wishes they had not tattooed a message on their body. I have seen the evidence of the reversal process, it’s not pretty. It is one thing to hate yourself for something you did to yourself, but quite another for someone else to hate you for any reason. Gay, straight etc.

I believe 95 percent or more of the world population are good human beings. But who or what is it that makes them so angry they are willing to believe all the malarkey that is being thrown at them. So much so that they are willing to wish death on someone. How do you feel threatened and give me one example of how you have felt threatened or have been threatened lately? I can give you a hundred reasons why I have gotten angry lately. Not enough to kill anyone but defiantly to wish damnation on someone. What Happened you ask? One guy called me names because he thought I was an idiot for cutting him off in traffic. What happened is I avoided a rear end collision with a motorist who had to slammed on his brakes to keep from hitting a deer. That guy only saw what I did to him nothing else. That instant when he felt threatened his reaction was to honk, but had he been able to shoot my windshield out I believe he would have done it. In response my offering him a bird I could have easily been reactive by lobing a hammer back at his windshield.

Our current government is trying to spread the wealth to those folks who are most likely to vote them back into office. The last administration tried to spread the wealth to those already wealthy, I believe, to ensure the future would be for their better welfare only and everyone else is expendable. Whatever the reasons, which no one will really ever know, but the Politian’s themselves, you can be sure it is, so they stay in control and in a position of power. That is in a large part their motive, I’d bet. So, in a kneejerk reaction of a threat, retaliation with excessive power and winning at any cost is best for them. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Birds of a feather flock together etc., etc. Whomever has the most power wins. Politicians has great power over us. It is very difficult to get enough folks working together to dethrone them especially if they keep us at odds with each other. Angry, bitter, misinformed about each other. We should be angry at them. Force them to do what the people demand.

It is a given that our government is made up of many liars, hypocrites and morally bankrupt people. While many have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar it matters not to their constituents. Why would a Godly man or woman support a politician that has broken the law and not a woman caught stealing food for her family. You heard the story of a women caught stealing and confronted by the police. In fear or fit of anger she wished harm on her capturers. She hit the gas in the car she was in and got a much more powerful response. A bullet to her chest. I am so thankful the guy I cut off in traffic did not have a gun. People make mistakes. On the other hand, a man stabbed a women 32 times. That kind of anger and wish to do harm is unforgiveable. If she had only had a gun.

The moral of this story is no one is above our laws that church and the state should be separated that every man and women is entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We all value these concepts yet are told to condemn those who are not part of your inner circle or may be different in some way. They will even lie to convince you. Most folks or not evil. They are trying to do good and live life honestly. But there has to be a bully that for the sole purpose of turning us against each other for their gain. And they have very ignorant followers. Maybe the followers are fooled to believe they will be on the winning team if they follow that person. But just look at any demagogue in the past and you will see there is always the faithful servant that gets sacrificed. You my fellow patriot are expendable. Be very careful who you follow and who you hate. There is no good reason to hate. God Bless the USA, Happy Labor Day!!

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