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Bilingual Americans Are In Demand

It is hard to understand why the latest crop of Latinos has not assimilated into the US culture yet, but in the mean time if the business community is going to profit from their presence it will be crucial to communicate the message in a fashion that they understand and that they will listen too. So you are seeing ads in English and Spanish or customary ads published in Spanish only. Chevrolet has been a popular vehicle of the culture and so their ads are filled with focus directed to the Latino Community. This may be upsetting to some, but corporate America is going to do what is necessary to attract this groups attention. For the future this crop will be extremely valuable to attract. For those of you who are part of this group or its history it is good to remember that this land belonged in large part to the Latino community. As one saying puts it, “you should have seen it before we took it over”. Sad to say it was much better then and the most knowledgeable of folks in the current culture is trying to revert to what it once was. The giant smokestacks and fossil fuels have taken their toll and have created an atmosphere that is becoming more detrimental to our existence. But the question is can we ever go back to what it was even 100 years ago much less 200 years. Spain was very supportive of the separation of the the thirteen colonies from England. Those two countries had their own crosses to bear, but “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and so France and Spain sided with the colonies for their own and separate ulterior motives. As the war of 1776 was going the Spanish were in a dispute of their own. The Spanish-Portuguese War of 1776-1777. In alliance with France in the Seven Year War Spain had lost Florida but gained Louisiana in the peace settlement.

As soon as the American colonies began their rebellion, Spanish officials considered how this new war might benefit their empire. But other priorities and regions competed for Spain’s attention, including in the Spanish-Portuguese War of 1776-1777 over their own North American colonies and borders. That didn’t stop the shipment of arms to America though; some of the first imported weapons purchased by New Englander’s came from Spain in 1775. In 1779, Spain signed the Treaty of Aranjuez with France, agreeing to support the French in their war against Great Britain (as part of the American Revolutionary War) in return – assuming a victory – for several former Spanish territories then under British and French control. Read the complete story written by the Museum of the American Revolution below.,American%20Revolution’s%20impact%20on%20Spain.

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